Enlarged pores

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Enlarged pores

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Here at Revival Medi Spa we tailor treatments and home plans to combat your skin concerns. We have a variety of advanced treatments, and we understand each client has different needs. Because of this, we ensure we conduct a thorough skin diagnosis prior to starting any treatment.

Pores are small openings in the skin around each hair follicle on the body, allowing perspiration to emerge, keeping you cool. They also allow the natural oils produced by the skin to reach the skin’s surface. Enlarged pores can be a concern for some people, and can be caused by sun damage, loss of collagen and elastin and hormonal changes, however genetics play a large part. The process of aging and sun damage can also contribute to the size of pores over time.

There are several myths around pores which we will address below.

Enlarged pores can be defined as channels in the facial skin surface that contain one or more openings to the ducts carrying sweat and oil from their respective eccrine glands and sebaceous glands.

Treatment Options

At Revival Medi Spa we offer a variety of treatments to combat Enlarged Pores. Treatments include Advanced Facials, Skin peels, Radio Frequency, IPL Elight therapy, collagen induction therapy (Skin Needling with a Dermapen) plus more. Feel free to call us to discuss a treatment that may be suitable for you. We offer a FREE skin Diagnosis in order to discuss appropriate treatment options and to create a specialised treatment plan.

Myth: Do pores open and close?

Pores don’t have muscles around them, which means that they cannot open and close. That being said, using steam on the skin can help to loosen blackheads and other debris, making them easier to be removed – which is best done by a professional!

Myth: The ‘black’ appearance in a blackhead is dirt

Not true! The black dots that appear as blackheads in our troublesome nose, chin and forehead areas are caused by a chemical reaction involving oxygen and sebum. These can be managed by adopting a regular home skincare routine including regular exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells.

Myth: You can get rid of pores with the right skincare

While you can’t be completely rid of your pores, the right skin care can make your pores less noticeable. By effectively washing your skin after a workout or sweating, cleansing your face morning and night and removing debris and makeup, pores will look smaller. However, it is important not to over-cleanse, which can also do more damage and make the pores appear larger.

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