Age Spots

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Age Spots

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Here at Revival Medi Spa we tailor treatments and home plans to combat your skin concerns. We have a variety of advanced treatments, and we understand each client has different needs. Because of this, we ensure we conduct a thorough skin diagnosis prior to starting any treatment.

Age spots are harmless, dark spots on the skin that most often appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms (areas that most often are sun-exposed).

Age spots can also be called liver spots and solar lentigines, and most often appear as small tan, brown or black spots on the skin. These can vary in size from freckles to half an inch, and are most often seen on people with fair skin, people over 50 and those who have spent a lot of time in the sun.

Treatment Options

Dermapen Cryo™ allows practitioners to remove unwanted lesions in as little as a few seconds. Delivering a precise jet of highly compressed liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O), Dermapen Cryo effortlessly removes benign imperfections including warts, skin tags and lentigines.

In some cases, prescription creams and procedures can remove them or make them less noticeable.

Age spots can look like cancerous growths but are actually harmless and don’t need treatment. However, it is important to have any suspicious or changing spots checked.  Age spots can be lightened or removed with specialized in-clinic treatments, and some at home prescription creams can make them less noticeable. Regularly using sun cream and sun smart practices can help prevent age spots.

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